Recruiting highly qualified professionals for specialized positions

Visron Technical, LLC , specializes in Engineering , Technical, IT and Skilled Trades job placements. Our job recruiters have more than 15 years of experience in work placement—focusing on technical roles for various industries. We pride ourselves in our veteran and minority job placement services.

Contract Placement

Count on our team to provide you with an employee or a complete staff on a short-term or long-term assignments. Contract positions allow employers a great deal of flexibility. This will be entirely up to the needs of your company.

Contract-to-Hire Placement

Opt for this service if you want to avoid costly hiring and firing issues. You can get to know the workers better before officially hiring them to be part of your company.

Direct Placement

Candidates go on your payroll immediately upon the final hiring decision. This is particularly appealing to candidates that are currently looking to change their employment status.

Payroll Services

When you have recruited an employee, but are unable to put them on your payroll, come to us. We can process them for you through our payroll at a minimal cost. 

For additional information, please contact  Visron at (585) 214-1625